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An optional day trip to explore Monterrey on Tuesday, March 14, 2017

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Monterrey is framed by the iconic Cerro de la Silla and the majestic Sierra Madre, offering a paradise full of history and architecture.

This year, attendees of the Global Legal Skills Conference will have the opportunity to visit historic buildings and museums. The day trip will be hosted by Gerardo Puertas, Legal History Professor from Facultad Libre de Derecho de Monterrey, CONARTE Board Member and Museum of Mexican History Member.

The day trip is a ticketed event for conference attendees and accompanying friends and family members. The event is expect to sell out. We will travel by bus as a group. Register soon !


MS Milenium Hotel – Transportation

Monumental Bandera & Obispado Museum

At the top of Cerro del Obispado we can find the most beautiful view of the city and the Obispado Museum, considered one of the few examples of colonial architecture in northeastern Mexico, with baroque style of the late viceroyalty (1787).

Church of the Immaculate Conception

The Church of the Immaculate Conception is a Catholic church located downtown, designed by the Mexican architect Enrique de la Mora Palomar, who won the National Architecture Prize in 1946 thanks to this emblematic work. The temple was built in 1939, and it is known for being the first religious building of modern style in Mexico.

Government House

The Government House was built in 1895. It is a superb neoclassical building located in the northern part of the Macroplaza.


It will be a very interesting visit if you consider the quality and beauty of Angel Zarraga’s (1886-1946) murals. These murals standout for their originality and colorfulness. It is also very beautiful chapel of the shrine, wich highlights the front of embossed silver, anonymous work of the 18th century.

Museum of  Contemporary Art (MARCO)

The MARCO’s main entrance is graced by The Dove, a bronze sculpture created by Mexican master sculptor Juan Soriano. The Dove is safeguarded and shared by MARCO as a sample of the genius of one of Mexico’s most internationally acclaimed artists, who devoted over 50 years to sculpture and painting.

The building is a standout by virtue of its beauty, created by internationally renowned Mexican architect Ricardo Legorreta, famous for giving national subjects a modern twist.

Lunch @ MARCO

Museum of Mexican History

The Museum of Mexican History is near the site of the founding of Monterrey and inaugurated on November 30, 1994. Is the most important historical exhibition in northern Mexico. It consists of more than 1,200 pieces which illustrate some aspects of life in Mexico since pre-Hispanic era to the twentieth century.

Paseo Santa Lucia

It is a lovely waterway that starts on Museum of Mexican History and ends in Fundidora Park. It is one of the most attractive sites visited by tourists. We can enjoy a magnificent landscape with lighted fountains, bridges, walkways, murals, green areas, terraces and esplanades, which create perfect scenarios.


In the early twentieth century emerged in northern Mexico what would be the beginning of the steel and iron industry in the country and Latin America. This was propitiated by several factors including the mining laws, the construction of rail lines, the regional capital, the existence of mineral deposits, industrial development policy and political and social stability that occurred between 1890 and 1900 .

Before La Fundidora (Foundry of Monterrey) , as it was known , there were other enterprises, but none of them was an integrated steel industry. Located in  Horno  Alto Nº 3 of the old Foundry of Monterrey, Museum Horno 3 fuses science, technology, history and recreation.

ALFA Planetarium Universe Pavillion

Alfa Planetarium was created by the Alfa Industrial Group and inaugurated on October 11, 1978. It is an interactive museum of science and technology.

Habita Hotel Bar

We will enjoy a great cocktail on the last floor of the Hotel Habita. It is the most spectacular space of the hotel. Two infinity pools frame the 360° view of the city. Since its opening has been the favorite gathering space to the regiomontanos.

Transportación to the MS Milenium Hotel


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